Design Compliance and Security is an authorized reseller of an open-source, enterprise-grade Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (“GRC”) tool, Eramba.

We offer a managed service that includes:

  • Creating your instance,
  • Populating that instance with your existing control environment information, or developing that information for you as needed,
  • Managing the instance including updates to both your environment as well as updates to the instance itself,
  • Monitoring and maintaining the environment as necessary.

We will work with you and your instance of Eramba to improve and fortify your governance program with control monitoring, reporting, and considerations to any changes in your regulatory environment. This will not only free up time for your team to focus on business needs, it will also ensure that your program is managed and maintained in a clear and concise UI to better be able to satisfy regulatory requirements. We can also implement Eramba to assist with our Compliance Program Management services.

Below is a quick introduction to the Eramba platform that will help give a better understanding of the system and its offerings.

If this system looks like something that could improve your governance program, drop us a note in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.