What is a SOC 3?

The SOC3 report is an abridged version of the SOC2. The main difference is that the SOC 3 report is able to be publicly distributed, whereas the SOC2 is intended for your customers’ (and their auditors’) eyes only. While the report has significantly less information in it, the underlying audit work is virtually identical to that of the SOC2, therefore, most customers find better value in reading your SOC 2 report.

SOC 3 Pricing

Without discussing your business with you, it is very difficult to provide an accurate price estimate that will meet your business’s requirements for its audit. However, everyone is always curious about what price should be expected for a quality audit to be performed by professionals, so we have made a few assumptions geared towards smaller businesses to come up with the below costs. Please keep in mind that these are not quoted prices for your business, but if you fit into many of the assumptions we have made, they will typically be accurate.

Scope Assumptions

We assume that you will already be going through a SOC 2 examination and that the scope and timing of the work is fully coordinated with the scope and timing of the SOC 3.

SOC 3 Prices

The prices below are based upon the scope assumptions noted above.

  • Type 1 – Starts at $5,000 (incremental to the SOC 2 cost)
  • Type 2 – Starts at $7,000 (incremental to the SOC 2 cost)

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