SOC Report Price Estimates


Without discussing your business with you, it is very difficult to provide an accurate price estimate that will meet your business’s requirements for its audit. However, everyone is always curious about what price should be expected for a quality audit to be performed by professionals, so we have made a few assumptions geared towards smaller businesses to come up with the below costs. Please keep in mind that these are not quoted prices for your business, but if you fit into many of the assumptions we have made, they will typically be accurate.

Scope Assumptions

  • One business location is in scope, and that location is within the continental United States (not in a high hotel cost location)
  • One to two major business processes are in scope
  • Less than 100 employees

SOC 1 / SSAE 18 Prices

Type 1 – Starts at $9,900

Type 2 – Starts at $13,900

SOC 2 Prices

Type 1 – Starts at $14,900 for the Security Principle (each additional Principle $2,000)

Type 2 – Starts at $18,900 for the Security Principle (each additional Principle $2,000)

The Audit Experience

We aim to make the audit experience as pain free as possible for you. Our professionals will work with you to customize our process to help you meet the needs of your business.

  • Once engaged, we will work with you to determine your needs for timing and schedule our activities accordingly. The audit fieldwork process typically takes about 2-3 weeks from start to finish, with our draft report being issued about 3-4 weeks after fieldwork has started.
  • Prior to our visit, we will talk through the audit with you to make sure that your expectations are set, and we will send an initial information request list that will allow us to be prepared for our onsite visit. We have found that clients who do their best with this initial information request have a much quicker and easier on site visit than those who do not.
  • A large portion of our work can be completed during a 1-3 day trip to your primary business location. During the visit, we will need to speak to process owners for each of the areas within scope of the report and have time to walk through and understand your business and IT processes.
  • After our visit to your business location, we continue working on your audit remotely by documenting our visit, asking follow up questions and gathering additional audit evidence from you (if needed).
  • Once we have completed fieldwork, your report will then go through our quality control processes and quality control processes at a licensed CPA firm. Once that is complete, the CPA firm will send you a draft of the report for your review.

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